Meet Dr. Dale Flanagin II

Dr. Dale Flanagin IIDr. Flanagin is from a smaller town just North of Flint, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology before attending the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor School of Dentistry.

When I was younger, dentistry gave me the confidence to become who I am today. From a young age, I found that helping others was what made me truly happy.

One of the most important things about life is how you affect others. Ever since I was young, I have wanted to be a doctor to help people. My family instilled the value of community in me from a very young age and, growing up, I was fortunate enough to be part of community services in the Flint area. From my father, I learned the construction trade that gave me hand skills that would later prove to my benefit in practice.

I am a Dentist today for many reasons; the primary one is to make people smile. I have found that, from the thousands of conversations and appointments I’ve had, everyone thinks about their smile. My goal is to make you smile at yourself – for you to be able to look in a mirror and see who everyone else sees. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to follow my dreams and have been grateful for everything I have and everyone I have met; I wouldn’t be who I am today without that.

I look forward to being able to engage in the community and learn much more about every one of my patients along the way. I will always strive to be better than what I was yesterday.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, our two puppies, my family, and friends. I have played soccer since a young age and look forward to being able to play again. In any extra free time, you will find me playing video games, listening to music, singing, dancing, or learning something new.

Most of all, I’m excited to be able to continue my passion in the corner of Michigan where my puzzle pieces of life fit together, and I am happy that I get to share that with everyone here.

Dr. Flanagin is a member of the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

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