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Reliable Sedation Dentistry in Ann Arbor, Canton, Farmington Hills and Livonia

Woman in dental chair with sedation.

Relax — You and Your Smile Are Safe With Us

There it is. That feeling in your stomach when you know there’s a dental appointment coming up on your calendar. You get those butterflies that can end up feeling more like elephants by the time you reach the dentist’s office. You don’t need butterflies or elephants making your dental visit unpleasant — you need comfortable, stress-free care from your dentist in Ann Arbor, Canton, Farmington Hills and Livonia courtesy of the knowledgeable team at Laurich Dentistry. 

It May Seem Like it — But You’re NOT Alone

When you have a fear of the dentist, it can make you feel like you’re the only person in the world who can’t sit in the dental chair without feeling anxious or uncomfortable. There’s actually a significant amount of people who share your anxiety and fear. According to a 2018 survey by DentaVox of 18,000 people worldwide, a total of 61% of people said they struggle with dental fear. In this group, 4% of the people said that their fear is so strong that they’ve never been to the dentist. Everything from pain to having to keep your mouth open for an extended period of time are what the respondents said add to their dental anxiety.

Laurich Dentistry is Here to Help

Every one of our team members at Laurich Dentistry is deeply committed to providing the most positive, stress-free experience possible for our family of clients. We want you to know that we care about more than just your smile. We care about your overall health too. A visit with us should never cause your body harmful stress or excessive worry. It’s time you talked to us about nitrous oxide — a method of sedation that’s safe and effective for patients of all ages.

You might have heard of nitrous oxide referred to as “laughing gas.” It’s a safe, odorless gas that is mixed with oxygen and breathed in through a mask comfortably fitted over your nose. Nitrogen oxide works very well and fast, reaching the brain and bloodstream quickly. It will help you experience a soothing:

  • Warmth throughout your body
  • Feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and calm
  • Dreamlike or sleepy state

Nitrous oxide is an excellent pain reliever, going to work within minutes of administration. It’s also extremely effective and safe. One of the biggest benefits our clients love about nitrous oxide is that there’s very little recovery time. It’s one of the few sedation methods where you can recover quickly and you’re generally able to drive yourself home following an appointment. Learn more about sedation dentistry, offered by our many locations near you.

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