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Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel nervous and scared about getting dental treatments? You’re not alone. A significant percentage of the world’s entire population has a condition that is known as dental phobia. Blame it on the negative depiction of dentistry on TV, or all the exaggerated tales about going to the dentist.

Dental phobia can be quite tricky to overcome because it’s hard to control one’s active imagination, and this is one of the reasons why sedation dentistry is offered by our Farmington Hills and Livonia Dental Office.

Woman in dental chair with sedation.

Here at Laurich Dentistry, we are committed to providing the most positive experience for our clients. We do not only carry out every dental procedure with great care, but we also utilize a myriad of proven-effective methods to ensure your comfort for every treatment you come to us for.

Sedation dentistry is included in our service menu; it’s the most effective solution in dealing with the fear and anxiety that some patients have about getting treated.

It’s not only advisable for those with dental phobia; it’s also a smart option for patients who have trouble staying still for long treatments, as well as those who have a hard time getting and staying numb from anesthetics.

Stress-Free Sedation Dentistry

This will be your experience with sedation dentistry:

  • No memory of the complex dental treatment process
  • Complete relaxation
  • No discomforts due to the process and the typical sensations associated with lengthy dental treatments

All in all, you’ll truly just feel like you had a restful sleep.

Our Dental Offices Offer Sedation Dentistry 

Mild Sedation or Anxiolysis — This is the lightest form of sedation dentistry and is ideal for patients with mild anxiety, longer procedures, or more complex situations. Mild sedation is traditionally administered orally through a prescription written by your Dentist. Patients recover from it a few hours after the completion of the procedure.

With this type of sedation dentistry, patients stay awake but feel relaxed and a little sleepy.

Here at Laurich Dentistry, we deliver gentle, compassionate dental care that helps each patient achieve and maintain exceptional oral health and a beautiful smile while building long-lasting relationships. If you have other concerns about sedation dentistry, do get in touch with our dentists in Farmington Hills & Livonia and we’ll happily answer your queries.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation, learn more about sedation dentistry, and find out which sedation dentistry method may be right for you.

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