Meet Dr. Dennis Laurich

Dr. Dennis Laurich - Laurich Dentistry - Canton - Farmington Hills - LivoniaAs a dentist, my first priority is your oral health.  I want to ensure that my patients not only have the most beautiful smiles, but also the healthiest.  Notwithstanding, quality dentistry is also about caring about patients and developing strong professional relationships.  Every morning, I come to practice looking forward to treating and helping fellow members of my community — engaging in conversation and listening to stories.  During my 40 plus years in practice, I’ve had the pleasure to meet and care for some incredible people — many of whom have become lifelong friends.”  For me, this personal interaction is at the very core of my passion for the profession.

Education and Continuing Education

I know that excellence in dentistry can only be achieved through a lifetime of learning.  As such, I am committed to seeking out and participating in continuing education through prestigious schools and respected mentors.  Each year, I attend a number of oral healthcare meetings and conventions, at the local and national level.

By staying on the leading edge of developments in dental technology, treatment methodologies, and practice philosophies, I can ensure that my patients are not only receiving the highest level of dental care available, but also the most current.  That is my commitment.

Professional Affiliations

Away from the Practice

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, it’s the city I’ve spent nearly my entire life.  It’s here that we raised two incredible sons.    Our first, Andrew, made his way to Hollywood after graduating U of M to pursue a career in film direction.  Each year he becomes more and more googleable.   Matt is a partner and dentist in our growing family practice.  He brings a kind of humor that makes work seem like recreation.  After raising two sons, I am also fortunate to have two wonderful daughters in laws, Amanda and Lindsey.  When I’m not caring for patients, I enjoy some swimming and tennis.  These are second only to taking walks with my lovely wife, Jill.  Travel is another passion of mine, taking opportunities to travel domestic and abroad.   My belief system is forged around the idea that giving back to the community is not only a luxury, it’s the responsibility of every professional.  Putting that belief into practice, I’ve been involved with the Tri-County Dental Health Council for more than 40 years.  Much younger than that are my young grandkids, Peyton, Foster, and Charlie.  Each bring a brand of joy that continues to surpass expectation.

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